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A reader recently sent in a question asking, "What's the best Mac mouse for AutoCAD LT 2015?" Specifically, the reader questioned if a two-button with scroll wheel mouse is required or if Apple's Magic Mouse would work?

The good news is that Autodesk engineered AutoCAD for Mac to work with Apple's Magic Mouse. In addition, the Magic Mouse can be configured as a two-button mouse, and using gestures, can act as if it has a scroll wheel. While this sounds good, in my experience I have found the Magic Mouse difficult to use as a control device for CAD.

What I recommend is Apple's older and still available, though only as a wired model Mighty, I mean Apple Mouse. I use it in combination with Apple's Magic Trackpad. The Trackpad provides gesture control for OS X and the Apple Mouse, gives me the more precise control that CAD requires.

Some have complained about the small Scroll Ball failing after a short period of use. I have experienced this problem as well, though with a little rubbing alcohol and a lint free cloth, this can be solved. See this and some other solutions at iFixit.

I'm sure there are other mice out there that are favorites, so please leave your suggestions in the comments.